Stien was my coach when I came back from maternity leave after having my 2nd daughter. At that time I loved my job but I felt something was missing. We created my Wheel of Life and Stien helped me identify that sports and career were the 2 things I needed to look at to live a more fulfilled life. As a result Stien challenged me to set a goal of re-instating 1 run per week and helped overcome objections I had (husband travelling, time, daughters to look after in the evening). When an opportunity to be promoted at work came up, Stien gave me the confidence I was the right candidate and supported me during the interview process. I am now fulfilled at all levels: family, friends, career, health and fitness. Should my wheel of life get unbalanced again, I know I can turn to Stien who will help me find tools to find balance again.
Team Manager and Mother of 2


When my coaching sessions with Stien first started, I was at a point of no return: I felt trapped and unhappy with my situation and totally powerless to change it, yet I was desperate to do something about it. I was quite closed off to the idea of life coaching because I didn’t think it would work for me, I felt hopeless.

It only took a couple of sessions with Stien for me to start to feel some positive changes taking place. I had been introduced to a wealth of strength and energy in myself that I hadn’t even realised was there before. I began to feel confident, to accept more social invites and go out more. I’d gone from feeling trapped and even useless to feeling empowered and energetic.

Stien’s way of talking me through each exercise and helping me to challenge established thought patterns was kind, warm and good-humoured. She created a safe space for me to learn how to be myself, to really acknowledge my skills and values in a way that made me feel really good about myself for the first time in years. She helped me to learn how to take that feeling away from the sessions and nurture it into something permanent.

Since our sessions finished, I have been able to take the leap into returning to full time work from being a stay at home mum. I found a position that was a really good fit for me and my family within two weeks of finishing coaching. I am now really enjoying life and I’m getting the most out of it!

I would very highly recommend Stien to anyone desperate to make some positive changes. She has changed my life beyond recognition.



 Working with Stien has completely changed the way I see my future. She helped me towards two things which would never have been possible without her support and encouragement.
The first was a sense of possibility, at a time when I couldn’t see further than the end of the week. Just to be reminded that there could be more to life than just getting by from day to day was a huge boot up the backside!
I was going to describe the second thing Stien did as giving me permission to do what I want to do, but that’s not strictly correct. What she really achieved was to help me realise that I didn’t need to seek permission from anyone else to do the things I dreamed of. And that has been invaluable.
Stien is warm, empathetic and insightful. She knows when to step back and when to push hard. I’d recommend working with her to anyone.
I have been Stien’s client for several months and she really helped me to understand my goals and values which led to the start of a professional transformation. Stien is very empathical and skillful life coach, she asks right questions which help you to realize your potential and choose your life and career path. I highly recommend working with Stien for those who are in transition period in their lifes and for those who want to reach personal and professional effectiveness.